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Coinbase introducing mobile bitcoin price alerts

The bitcoin trade platform Coinbase now permits users to set mobile alerts that would let them know when the price of the cryptocurrency reaches a given level.

The launch was announced on Nineteen January in the company’s blog post. An holder of an iOS or Android mobile phone will be able to create a price alert and receive a thrust notification when the price hits the mark, says Coinbase.

It is possible to set the alert with respect to the price in a local currency. The price will be calculated automatically. This feature is available for users from all the countries Coinbase operates in.

The alerts will make it lighter to buy and sell bitcoins, claims the company. When the notification pops up, you can swipe it left and click to instantly sell bitcoins or acquire ones. Swiping right gives a look of bitcoin price charts for analysis, to make a more balanced decision. Overall, the fresh function increases people’s awareness of the very volatile bitcoin price, gives them confidence that they won’t miss a unexpected leap of the exchange rate and makes cryptocurrency trade lighter and quicker.

Coinbase is a bitcoin exchange and trade platform with its own bitcoin mobile wallet, permitting customers to instantly make and receive bitcoin payments and supporting more than Trio million users in 32 countries.

After reaching the mark of $ 460 earlier this month, the price of bitcoin fell to $ 355 on 15 January and has been oscillating inbetween $ 360 and $ 400 since then. With volatility that high, the fresh feature of Coinbase seems a excellent improvement.

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