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How SS7 Flaw Can Be Used to Hack Gmail ID and Bitcoin Wallet

An old vulnerability in the Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) telecom network protocol was used by Positive Technologies researchers to access and steal data from a test account, which they had registered recently at Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange platform. It is thus, identified that through exploiting the SS7 flaw, an attacker could access text messages containing authentication codes and make ... Read More »

Hackers Steal Millions in Bitcoin by Merely Using Phone Numbers

Hackers are switching their game plan. By using a person’s phone number they can now build up access and steal money from someone’s bank account to bitcoin. In a report from Forbes, which highlights the story of Colombian Jered Kenna, hackers were able to stir his mobile phone number, after faking his identity, transferring it from T-Mobile to a carrier ... Read More »

SegWit2X Fork Dawning On Bitcoin, Bitcoin Chaser

Bitcoin infighting did not end with the BCH fork two months ago. The saga over the future of the network and payment scaling proceeds with the SegWit2X fork dawning on the community. Some would argue that this fork is not relevant, since SegWit was already activated and a fresh cryptocurrency with thicker blocks but no SegWit already hit the market. Read More »

The pool F2Pool abandoned mining support SegWiT2X – bitcoiner today

F2Pool has stopped pointing out support for SegWit2x, for the November implementation of the controversial block expansion proposal these days. Mining proposals with F2Pool In May, the Bitcoin pool, F2Pool, joined all major mining operations in the signing of the Fresh York Agreement. The proposal of Barry Silbert was that it attempted to solidify the consensus for SegWit2x and that ... Read More »

Earn $25 of Bitcoin for Every Referral: Coinbase

Bitcoin wallet company Coinbase is aggressively looking to expand its user base with back-to-back attractive offerings. After the launch of the Instant Exchange in mid-June and announcing zero fees for EUR-BTC conversion in the wake of the Greece crisis at the end of the previous month, the company has now determined to give its referral program ‘a serious shot in ... Read More »