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Aims to publicly denounce SegWit2x-supporters – Gesellberg

On October 6, the two anonymous owners of the website, ‘Theymos’ and ‘Cobra Bitcoin,’ stated they would soon be posting a warning on every page about the risks of Segwit2x and every company involved with the fork will also be mentioned. The website, which was originally founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, serves as an open-source repository for bitcoin resources and ... Read More »

Bitcoin Development Mailing List Now Moderated

Since its inception in 2011, the Bitcoin development mailing list has been unmoderated. Anyone could join it and commence posting to it. For most of its existence, the list was a mostly technical forum, loyal rigorously to Bitcoin and the cryptography underpinning it, including bug discussions and proposals from the public. Read More »

Unlock account using code not working

Category: azure blockchain Question TS_Prasanna on Thu, 20 Jul 2017 15:49:47 I am able to deploy and run fully tested on local geth solidity code to Ethereum and execute my methods (with events etc). Only problem is unlock method throws error, for every transaction methods I had to unlock the account by hand on the SSH client of ehtereum. Read More »

Bitcoin Price Index Widget for Android

Rated Four.31/Five (283) &mdash, Free Android application by StreetCred Inc. About Bitcoin Price Index Widget * Available currencies: USD | CAD | GBP | EUR | CHF | AUD | CNY | HKD | TWD | INR * Currencies not supported from specific data source are converted through real time exchange rate provided by Coinbase Read More »