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Publishes SegWit2x supporters blacklist bewares users of Bitcoin’s possible incompatibility with some major services. The company believes, that the upcoming hardfork is a rearwards incompatible switch to the Bitcoin network. This hardfork is not supported by the majority of the Bitcoin users and developers and is therefore a contentious hardfork. Read More »

Bitcoin Investment Options – Bit Faucet Site

All About Bitcoin Free News Article and More Bitcoin Investment Options In the space of a few years, Bitcoin has gone from something couch potatoes trade for a slice of pizza via a Reddit thread, to one of the greatest commodities on the market. In the last five years, total daily transactions in …, Read More »

How To Spend And Store Bitcoins Securely, Lightly, and for Free

Bitcoin has seen its share of controversy lately, with a lot of people losing a lot of money in various thefts, and most recently the widely-publicized collapse of Mt. Gox. This is unfortunate, because (with a little care) Bitcoins can be made so secure that theft is functionally unlikely. We&rsquo,ve covered getting commenced with Bitcoin before, but the software and ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Surges Ahead of SegWit Lock-in, Investopedia

Bitcoin has had a turbulent few weeks. The prolonged debate inbetween different factions of miners and developers resulted in the adoption of Bitcoin improvement proposal BIP 91 in late July. Now, Segregated Witness, known as BIP 141, is expected to lock in this week. Albeit Segregated Witness has been all but finalized since July 20, considering that BIP 91 required ... Read More »

Successful BIP91 Lock-in Thrusts Bitcoin Price to US$Two, 700 as Community Breathes Breathe of Ease, Bitcoin Insider

The Bitcoin price proceeds to astonish chart watchers as the bullish momentum is not over yet. With its price enlargening to US$Two,500 yesterday afternoon, many people wondered whether that price point would hold. Swift forward to today and the Bitcoin price hovers around US$Two,700. It is evident the BIP91 lock-in has affected the price in a positive manner for the ... Read More »