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Frequently Asked Question – Coin Collect

Why coinbase email? We do not transfer Bitcoin through your public bitcoin address but through coinbase email transfer. It is most quick and free method. unlike other faucets, we don’t take the transaction fee. To ensure free transaction we use coinbase. what happens when I don’t use coinbase email? You will not receive your winning Satoshi. Read More »

Email Bitcoins with Coinkite

Email bitcoins with Coinkite! They have developed a process that will feel more convenient for PayPal users that are considering Bitcoin and other Cryptos as a form of payment online. Email has been native to the PayPal process from the beginning and now we can send Cryptos in the same manner, safe and secure. Read More »

MoneyBadger: send Bitcoin to an email address or cell phone number, Cryptorials

Latest posts by Dean (see all) Refereum: decentralized player prizes and marketing platform for movie games – October 15, 2017 Inspeer: decentralized P2P lending ICO – October 12, 2017 Opporty decentralized service marketplace review – October Five, 2017 I think everyone can agree that MoneyBadger.io has an awesome name, playing off the digital cash&rsquo,s reputation as the honey badger of ... Read More »

Coinbase Mail Server Breach Has a Positive Side, Digital Money Times

Phishing emails are nothing fresh in the world of Bitcoin and can usually be identified with relative ease. In the case of Coinbase, however, their outgoing email server got hacked and someone managed to send an email originating from an actual Coinbase email address. This just goes to display that every aspect of your business – Bitcoin-related or not – ... Read More »

Coinbase aims to become the Gmail of bitcoin

Oct 28, 2013 at 15:45 UTC by Danny Bradbury Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, is a hard man to track down. It took CoinDesk months to get him on the phone. “Things have been busy!” he said. No wonder. Armstrong is leading the charge to make bitcoin a mainstream currency. His stiff specializes in services that make it effortless to ... Read More »