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Fee bumping – Bitcoin Wiki

The fee required for a transaction to quickly confirm varies according to network conditions. Generally it floats around leisurely, but sometimes it shoots up due to spam transactions or a series of randomly-slow blocks. In such cases, you may find that your incoming or outgoing transactions get stuck in 0-conf status for a long time. Read More »

Coinbase Announced Passing on On-Chain Fees to Customers

Bitcoin miner fees have enlargened significantly for the last six months causing a lot of network transactions to costs even more. The Bitcoin website announced last week on Bitpay enhancing the price of the company’s invoice fees to include miner fees. Recently, Coinbases announced as well that their service will no longer include covering network fees and the cost will ... Read More »

Troubled Waters for Coinbase: Enlargening Fees, Neglection of ETC, and Rumors about Insolvency, ForkLog

As very likely everyone knows now, Coinbase intends to quadruple its fees effective as of August Five this year. Having failed to provide any explanation for such abrupt upsurge of charges, the exchange now faces yet another string of critical statements from across the community. As a reminder, Coinbase opted to retain the free usage of wallets, yet enhancing its ... Read More »

Bitcoin Fee Estimates Have Enlargened By 1, 013% in USD Terms

Bitcoin fees have skyrocketed this year, enlargening by 557% from 14 to 78 satoshis per byte, which translates to an eye-watering 1,013% increase in dollar terms in just one year, according to research by Jameson Lopp, engineer at BitGo. That still translates to just 22 cents for an ordinary transaction of around 400 bytes in size, with peak time fees ... Read More »