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How SS7 Flaw Can Be Used to Hack Gmail ID and Bitcoin Wallet

An old vulnerability in the Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) telecom network protocol was used by Positive Technologies researchers to access and steal data from a test account, which they had registered recently at Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange platform. It is thus, identified that through exploiting the SS7 flaw, an attacker could access text messages containing authentication codes and make ... Read More »

Hackers Steal Millions in Bitcoin by Merely Using Phone Numbers

Hackers are switching their game plan. By using a person’s phone number they can now build up access and steal money from someone’s bank account to bitcoin. In a report from Forbes, which highlights the story of Colombian Jered Kenna, hackers were able to stir his mobile phone number, after faking his identity, transferring it from T-Mobile to a carrier ... Read More »