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Bitcoin Price Violates $Four, 200, Total Market Cap is More Than $135 Billion – CoinSpeaker

Photo: btckeychain / Foter Given the amazing growth rate bitcoin has been showcasing these days, the price of the digital currency will likely surpass a $Five,000 level in the near future. Bitcoin has reached yet another milestone, surging past $4000 for the very first time in its history. The digital currency hit $4208.39 mark at 08:Nineteen UTC on Sunday, thus ... Read More »

Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Climb Higher Despite Mixed Altcoin Markets

The ethereum and bitcoin prices continued to climb on Thursday, even as a slight dip in the altcoin markets pulled many coins into decline. The bitcoin price rose toward the $Four,200 mark-even passing it temporarily-while the ethereum price closed in on the $300 threshold. Altogether, the total crypto market cap added about $Trio billion for the day, bringing it a ... Read More »